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Chabad is offering the Reading of the Megillah on Purim night and during the day, as is customary:

Wednesday evening, March 20th: 

1. 6:45pm Mincha Services, followed by Maariv with Megillah reading
2. At
Wicker Purim. Party starts at 7:30pm
3. Midnight at Wicker Purim

Click here for more info on Wicker Purim

Thursday, March 21st:

1. Morning Services at 8:30am, including Megillah Reading @ The Living Room
2. At Purim in the Shtetl Party, which starts at 5:00pm (last chance to hear the reading of the Megillah this Purim!!)

Click  here for details on the Purim in the Shtetl - Party for the whole Family!