Tuesdays, August 25 -  September 22
8-9 PM

The course will take place in-person at The Living Room, while maintaining social distancing guidelines. You can opt to join us via zoom as well.
Zoom info will be provided upon registration. 

Have you always wanted to read Hebrew? Would you feel more comfortable in Synagogue knowing that you can read the Hebrew prayers? Do you want to brush up on your Hebrew reading skills? Do you know the difference between an Aleph and a Bet?

Now, you can learn to read Hebrew in just 5 weeks!

Join our fun and inviting 5 session Hebrew reading crash course where you will begin reading Hebrew by the end of the first class. In five weeks you will be well on your way to Hebrew reader fluency!

The course is targeted to beginners and those who wish to brush up on their reading. It will not cover comprehension or conversation. The course provides the perfect entry into the world of Jewish texts and prayer services.

Learn Hebrew in a contemporary and engaging format. No prior Hebrew knowledge required.