Bucktownukah 2014

Chabad of Bucktown/Wicker Park invites you to join in the Chanukah festivities!

Get ready for a wild night of greasy heebs and wild food...wait, reverse that.
Bucktownukah is coming on Saturday, December 20th.

Cover includes 3 free drinks, 3 games, Chanukah delights, PLUS sushi made on the spot..and Chanukah insanity!

Celebrate the 5th night of Chanukah at Emporium with Chicago's Young Professionals!

Saturday, December 20 | 9:00 PM @
at Emporium Arcade Bar: 1366 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

$20 at the door/ $16 advanced registration thru our site only, includes 3 free drinks, 3 games, free food.

Click here to RSVP

For more info, email Chabad@JewishBucktown.com




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