Blue Line Women's Night, a program of Chabad of Bucktown / WickerPark, is an ever-growing and energetic night out just for you. It's designed to bring Jewish women of all ages and background together to socialize, to learn, to laugh, to experience, and to recharge. It provides an opportunity to truly discover the power of the Jewish Woman, through innovative workshops, lectures, meaningful discussions & creative do-it-yourself activities. Celebrate the uniquely feminine destiny of the Jewish women and the decisive role we play in the ultimate purpose of creation.


Join us and... "Meet the Jewish women in your neighborhood!"



Come & bring your friends!

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 5770 / 2009-10

Pre-Purim Hamantasch Bake-off!

Get ready for Purim with a hamantasch bake-off: Make 'em, shape 'em, fill 'em, bake 'em!

Join the Blue Line Women’s Night and learn the techniques and skills for making hamantashen "par excellence."

Experience the art in hamantash-making as you fill your very own hamantaschen with chocolate, jelly, sesame, poppy seeds and more!

And…learn plenty of Purim insights!

Also, celebrate SARA'S HEBREW BIRTHDAY that night! 

Chanukah Candle-Making

3rd of "3 Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman" series   

Join the Blue Line Women’s Night as we make our very own candles while learning Chanukah insights and enjoying Chanukah delicacies: Latkes! Donuts! Chocolate "gelt"! & more!
Also, as part of our 3-part series on the "3 Mitzvot of the Jewish woman," uncover the beauty and relevance of the Mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles, learn how it fosters peace in the family and initiates the holiness of Shabbat to embrace the home.

Demystifying the Mikvah

2nd of "3 Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman" series    

Discover the beauty of Mikvah and the key to achieving the balance of a practical and spiritual marriage. Join the Blue Line Women's Night for a journey into the mysterious ritual of Mikvah with special guest speaker, Rebbetzin Chaya Epstein and a personal account by Jenna Jordon.

A Jewish marriage is a sacred institution and the love between a husband and wife is a pure and sanctified love. The laws of "Family Purity" and mikvah create the holiness of the marital relationship. Shouldn’t you know more about something that can be such a fulfilling and rewarding part of the Jewish family life?!

Discover Judaism's best kept secret! THE MIKVAH 

Sushi and refreshments will be served. 

Challah Baking (Pre-Rosh HaShana)

1st of "3 Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman" series

Join the Blue Line Women's Night for our pre-Rosh HaShana all-time-favorite workshop: Challah Baking!

Learn all you "knead" to know about making, shaping and baking Challah. 

Find inspiration between the braids as we discuss the deep significance of the Mitzvah.  

5769 / 2008-09

Cheesecake Bake-off (Pre-Shavuot)

The Blue Line Women's Night invites you to our pre-Shavuot evening for women. Join us as we make, taste and share different cheesecake recipes and learn some Holiday insights.

Night of Music! (Pre-Passover)

The Blue Line Women's Night invites you to a Night of Music!The Talmud states: "In the merit of the righteous women we were redeemed from Egypt."

Relive the exodus. Learn about the role the women they sang with Miriam the Prophetess.

Led by Miriam Brosseau, join us as we learn Jewish songs and recall old ones - from the Haggadah and more. 

Miriam Brosseau is half of the Chicago-based "biblegum pop" duo Stereo Sinai (the other half is her new husband, Alan Jay Sufrin). Stereo Sinai uses original Hebrew verses from the Tanach and Siddur and sets them to their own original pop music, lending them renewed relevance to ancient texts. Miriam has been singing, playing guitar, and writing her own music since she was 9.  

EXTRA BONUS: Judy Tellerman will be joining us LIVE! She is an ASCAP award-winning song-writer, who will play for us a song about Miriam she composed!!  

Spa Night! (Pre-Purim)

Treat yourself as a QUEEN at the pre-Purim Blue Line Women's Night, while gaining deep insights into the story of Purim and Queen Esther!

The BLWN invites you to relax, connect with friends, and simply indulge yourself with our professional consultant Jeanne Ehrenberg from "The Body Shop"!

Enjoy total pampering with legendary treatments, heavenly aromas and natural ingredients from the four corners of the earth. Sample some luxurious products and get fantastic personal advice. 

·         Jump feet first into the relaxing foot soak that will soothe your tired toes!  Individual foot tubs and towels provided.

·         Learn the tricks of the trade and experiment with our make-up collection.

·         Discover your skin type and a variety of skin care products that work for you.

·         Try your hand at giving each other manicures with our assorted colors of nail polish and nail equipment.

Free gift for all who attend.

Latke Bash! (Chanukah)

The BLWN invites you to an exciting night of “LATKES”!

Get a head start on the First day of Chanukah and…

Become a latke maven as you experience the fun of making, frying and eating your very own handmade latke. Discover a variety of new latke recipes including some favorites from the women in the neighborhood.

PLUS, compete in a GRAND DREIDEL GAME with chocolate gelt!

…and Illuminate the Festival of Lights with Chanukah insights while enjoying all kinds of Chanukah delights. 

Cocktail & Sushi Night!

Wine, the "king of beverages," represents the holiness of the Jewish people. It is described as "bringing joy to G‑d and man," and used for the sanctification of Shabbat and Yom Tov and at Jewish simchot.

Join the Blue Line Women's Night for a "Cocktail & Sushi Night"! We'll have the all-time favorite sushi and a few drinks - and some fun while we're at it - learning all about DRINKING in Judaism from the age-old custom to say l'chaim to the recognized destructive nature of wine and intoxication.  

A special thank you to Jenna Jordon for sponsoring and buying the liquor, drinks, cups and more!

Challah Baking (Pre-Rosh HaShana)

Join the Blue Line Women's Night for our pre-Rosh HaShana all-time-favorite workshop: Challah Baking!

Learn all you "knead" to know about making, shaping and baking Challah. 

Find inspiration between the braids as we discuss the deep significance of the Mitzvah.